Hello, I’m Emily Brem Weaver.  Gifted with my first DSLR in November of 2010 (by my spectacular husband, whom I affectionately refer to as Sewer), I quickly became obsessed. I wanted to have somewhere to share my shots, in order to avoid barraging my facebook friends with thousands of pictures of my niece, nephews and friends kiddos (my sister’s co-worker recently approached her and told her “um, I think your sister is obsessed with your daughter”. So apparently strangers are getting judgey!).  I may be doing some catch-up from the time before blog so ignore if you’ve seen this one before! Thanks for stopping by. Up, up and away!


This is me. That’s not my camera, but it’s the same idea. My face hides behind camera.


One comment on “Ciao!

  1. Amaya says:

    You are amazing my little Brem Weaver!

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