Lancaster City

After receiving my new camera for Christmas last week (SQUEE!!) my husband told me that he’d like to take a walk around town to try to take some pictures with my old camera and learn to use a DSLR. I was excited for him to show interest in something I’m obviously obsessed with, and was also so anxious to give my new camera a go! We went downtown (yes, Lancaster has a downtown), Central Market, and a tiny old cemetery, taking pictures of anything that looked interesting along the way. We ended up at our favorite coffee shop that we never get to since we moved (love you, Square One!) to see what we captured. It was fun to explain everything to Brad, and I remember how overwhelming it seemed at first! It was actually a bit of a challenge for me, as I’m used to seeing scenery as a background and objects as “props”, but Brad prefers images of interesting objects and scenes over faces. It really made me look at things differently! Here are a few shots I captured and a few from Brad, very different from my typical shots of grinning toddlers! (Don’t worry toddlers, I still love you best!)

And a few of Brad’s shots:


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