Adorable Ellie

For a 3 month old, little Ellie was SO alert and smiley! What a little treasure!


My “Fix It”

I decided to try my hand at a little photographer’s exercise called “Fix It Friday” from the “I Heart Faces” photographers’ community.  You are given an image to edit and post your before and after images.   I have been checking out others’ edits for a while now, and decided to just go ahead and try it! I am excited to check out others’ edits on this adorable girl and see what some very, very talented people have done! I am still learning, and know that sometimes I “overedit”, but it is such a subjective craft. I am enjoying the journey!

I edited out the glare on the glasses, warmed it up using the PW’s “colorized” action, messed around with the brightness, contrast and saturation, cleaned up a few spots on the chin with the healing brush, burned a few highlights on the forehead and hair, sharpened the image, viola!

Dooley’s Carpentry

I had the privilege of photographing the beautiful custom cabinetry of Jason Dooley of Dooley’s carpentry. He is so talented and we are now constantly looking around our home and seeing all the possibilities of having him build us something! It’s gorgeous!


Our nephews, Kellen and Quincy, are such a blast! They really are the life of the party these days.

There’s a lot of baby throwing in this family!

Baby Garfunkel

The wonder of… the tent.